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Youth Provision Sucks!!

by Ian Shires on 29 August, 2012

One thing is pretty clear from talking with young people around our area, youth provision sucks!! That is why Lib Dem Councillors, as part of the Coalition running Walsall Council, have placed “Improvements to Youth Provision” firmly within the Coalition Agreement. It won’t happen overnight as it needs to be properly thought through and planned […]

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Published on Liberal Democrat Voice By Donnachadh McCarthy | 3rd April 2012 – 11:06 am More motorways, airports and cities, cried the leader of the “greenest” government ever. The Prime Minister is absolutely right that we need new infrastructure but what we need is not ever wider motorways but a modern cycling infrastructure, to get the […]

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Good news for bus users on the Wood Lane Estate in Willenhall; thanks to the dogged persistence of councillor Ian Shires and the Lib Dem Focus residents of the estate will once more be able to catch a bus to Willenhall. National Express West Midlands have announced the return of the 41 Walsall Willenhall service to the […]

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Parking restrictions appear out of the blue

by Ian Shires on 17 February, 2012

Double yellow lines have appeared this week by Gregg’s at “The Square”, New Invention. No consultation. No notification. The council just went ahead and did it. How arrogant is that from a Tory administration which purports to believe in Localism? Yes there are problems with parking in the area, something we are trying to do […]

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Transport Minister Norman Baker yesterday announced £15m of new funding for sustainable travel projects across the country that will promote economic growth and cut carbon. The investment is in addition to the £560m Local Sustainable Transport Fund announced in January 2011. This additional funding, heavily geared towards cycling, will support jobs, enhance access to employment […]

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The ongoing battle to restore essential links to local services annexed at the time of the West Walsall/Wolverhampton Bus Review last summer by the re-routing of the 41 Walsall to Willenhall service  rumbles on reports Liberal Democrat councillor Ian Shires. The issues around the reliability of this service appear to have improved but there still remains […]

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