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PopCon: Tory MPs at launch pocketed £85,000 in severance payments

by Ian Shires on 7 February, 2024

Liz Truss to launch 'Popular Conservatives' faction of Tory MPs – The Irish  News

The Conservative MPs at yestrday’s Popular Conservatism launch pocketed almost £85,000 in taxpayer-funded pay-outs, analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

The Liberal Democrats said, “This is not popular Conservatism, it’s economic vandalism.”

Liz Truss pocketed a £18,660 taxpayer payout despite previously criticising “handouts” to help with the cost of living, while Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed £16,800 despite attacking the size of the state. Other Conservative MPs who attended the event, including former Chief Whip Wendy Morton, former Home Secretary Priti Patel and ex-education minister Andrea Jenkyns, all took severance payments worth thousands of pounds. In total Conservative MPs at the event pocketed £84,955 in taxpayer-funded payouts.

Wendy Chamberlain: Lib Dems stand for people politics, not grievance  politicsLiberal Democrat Chief Whip Wendy Chamberlain MP said:

This is not popular Conservatism, it’s economic vandalism. Liz Truss and her fellow Conservative MPs crashed the economy, sent mortgages spiralling then pocketed thousands of pounds in taxpayer-funded handouts. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The public will never forgive this chaotic Conservative Party for the damage they’ve done to people’s livelihoods and our country. The sooner we kick this Conservative government out of office the better.

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