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Sunak interview: Most people worry when they are hit with a surprise £1,000 bill, the PM does not even register it

by Ian Shires on 7 February, 2024

Rishi Sunak claims he's 'not a betting person' but old interview clip  exposes truth - Mirror Online

Responding to the Prime Minister’s interview yesterday morning, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper MP said:

Rishi Sunak either does not care or does not get it. As the Prime Minister buries his head in the sand and pretends everything is fine, people across the country are suffering.

Most people when they are hit with a surprise £1,000 bill worry about how they are going to make their next mortgage payments or put food on the table for their children.

Instead, the Prime Minister does not even register the significance of that amount of money. Out of touch does not even begin to describe Sunak.

The Prime Minister’s cold soundbites that everything is working simply do not survive contact with reality.

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