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Tories Dental plan “too little too late” for people desperately queuing in Bristol

by Ian Shires on 7 February, 2024

New measures to improve access to dental care - GOV.UKResponding to the Government’s new Dental Plan, Lib Dem Health Spokesperson Daisy Cooper MP said:

The image of hundreds of desperate people queuing outside a new dentist in Bristol tells you everything you need to know about the state of dental practices in this country.

This plan comes too little too late for those left waiting in pain for dental care or the children admitted to hospital for tooth decay. With over 12 million waiting for help, this pledge to help just 1 million is a drop in the ocean and shows the Government isn’t serious.

The Conservatives have overseen years of dental decay and now it’s people across the country who have been left to pay the price.

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