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Share your views on your local police

by Ian Shires on 9 February, 2024

I received this in an email today from West Midlands Police so I thought I would share it with you, particularly those of you who have negative views for whatever reason of our Police. This is your chance to give them some feedback and give them a chance to tailor the needs of our local communities. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Dear Ian

We are hoping that you can help us with some work we are doing around improving our visibility in our local communities and finding out what people want from their local neighbourhood teams.

While seeing our officers out and about on patrols is an important part of how visible we are, we also want to understand what we can do to improve our visibility in other areas including online via our digital channels and direct engagement with our community via events and meetings, and activity with partners.

We’ve put together a small survey here

and we’d really appreciate you using it to share your views.  We will use those views to help shape our next steps in continuing to improve the information we share and our visibility in our communities.

Kind regards

West Midlands Police


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