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Making Women’s Votes Count

by Ian Shires on 14 March, 2024

I received this in an email from the Electoral Reform Society, thought I’d share it with you:

Next week, our friends at the Centenary Action Group are hosting a free online event with insights from women’s civil society leaders on amplifying the impact of women’s votes in election year.

Making Women’s Votes Count, Thursday 21 March, 10:00-11:30

Speakers include:

  • Andrea Simon, End Violence Against Women
  • Chloe Schendel-Wilson, Disability Policy Centre,
  • Emma Holland Lindsay, The WI
  • Helen Pankhurst, Centenary Action
  • Jemima Olchawski, The Fawcett Society
  • Rhiannon Evans, Mumsnet
  • Prof Rosie Campbell, Global Institute for Women’s Leadership
  • Baroness Shaista Gohir, Muslim Women’s Network UK
  • Timi Okuwa, Black Equity Organisation
  • Chaired by journalist Carolyn Quinn

Together, we’re making it crystal clear: women’s votes count.


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