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Lib Dems call for alleyway tidy up

by Ian Shires on 16 January, 2013

Willenhall North Liberal Democrats are calling for urgent action by Walsall Council to clean up a well used alleyway between Littleton Road and Coltham Road reports Lib Dem cllrs Ian Shires and Val Woodruff.

The call for action comes in response to complaints from users of the alleyway to the Willenhall North Lib Dem FOCUS Team.

The route of the alleyway is strewn with mud, dog mess and litter. The FOCUS Team has ask the Council to clean up the alleyway and increase signage warning dog walkers of the penalties for not cleaning up after their pooches.

The problem of dog fouling extends to the playing field in Littleton Road where teams wanting to play football have to spend time clearing dog mess before they can start playing. As well as increasing the signage the FOCUS Team have requested that the Dog Warden service visit the area more frequently.

If you feel that other alleyways across New Invention and Short Heath would benefit from some TLC by the Council use the CONTACT button above to let us know……

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