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Dropping Litter Deprives us all

by Ian Shires on 6 March, 2013

Cleaning up rubbish that people have discarded on our green spaces, public spaces, footpaths and roads costs Walsall Council Tax payers around £1.7million a year.

1 Rubbish 2 Rubbish 3 Rubbish 4 RubbishAt a time when budgets are tight and every penny counts that is money we can ill afford. Those who drop litter instead of binning it or taking it home with them are depriving themselves and the rest of us from services we need and depend upon.

Take a walk along the Lichfield Road from the M6 bridge to the Wolverhampton boundary, around any of our district shopping areas from Coppice Farm down Essington Road to The Square, The Woodlands Centre, High Road, Lucknow Road,  Poolhayes Lane and The Brackendale. Have a look at our green spaces such as the Rough Wood Country Park where the Friends Group’s regular litter picks yield many black bags full of rubbish. Rubbish which could have been binned or taken home to be disposed of.

Much of the Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team’s casework consists of requests for areas to be tidied up. As fast as they get the Council to respond more litter and rubbish turns up as if by magic. Aliens don’t visit during the hours of darkness depositing litter. It’s people who drop it. Most of us don’t. To those who do please stop it. The money saved would help pay for better services and save jobs

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