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Tories Break Five Year Tax Lock Election Promise

by Ian Shires on 10 March, 2017

Remember this?

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So it was more than a bombshell to the many self employed workers across Willenhall and the wider borough of Walsall when the Chancellor announced a tax hike to their National Insurance contributions.

These changes were introduced despite an explicit promise in the Conservative manifesto not to increase national insurance contributions. To make matters worse this clear breach of an election promise has been done against a backdrop of tax cuts to the big corporations.

Image result for theresa may“The Tories are giving tax cuts to the richest and tax rises for hard-working entrepreneurs. Targeting the self-employed by hitting white van man with a tax hike that betrays Theresa May’s ¬†pledge to help the just about managing.” commented Liberal Democrat Cllr Ian Shires.

I recall the massive backlash against my own party back in 2010 when we broke our promise on Student Loans. It will be interesting to see if the press and the electorate dish out the same venom against the Tories over this clear breach of an election promise?

Changes to national insurance contributions will see 2.5million self-employed workers hit with an average tax hike of £240 per year.



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