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Theresa May announces General Election on June 8th

by Ian Shires on 18 April, 2017

Theresa May’s announcement has just finished. There will be a vote in the House of Commons tomorrow – a two thirds majority is required to call a General Election. Labour have said they would back this, but they could perhaps thwart the timetable if they wished.

May’s theme seemed to be that the opposition parties and the Lords were getting in her way and weakened her ability to do the job, and to negotiate in Europe. Quite how a majority in the Commmons is not good enough, reflects more I think on her leadership. And, frankly, if this opposition is too much for her… I guess Turkey is an inspiration to her.

So the message for the country is if you want to fight Brexit, or even just to fight hard Brexit, you do need to return as many Liberal Democrats as possible on June 8th.

This is your chance to change the direction of your country

* Joe Otten is a councillor in Sheffield and Tuesday editor of Liberal Democrat Voice.

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