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Cable: EU divorce deal heavy price to pay

by Ian Shires on 29 November, 2017

So, apparently we’re going to be paying somewhere between £39 and 49 billion to leave the EU. That’s between 39 and 49 billion quid less to spend on the NHS. It’s more than the entire Scottish Government budget for a year.

It’s not exactly £350 million a week for the NHS, is it?

Vince Cable had this to say about it:

If these numbers are correct, it means we’re paying a heavy price to leave an institution that has benefitted the country for decades.

The Brexiters said we’d get £350m a week for the NHS, instead we face a financially damaging divorce settlement.

The true cost of Brexit is becoming clearer by the day.

This underlines why people should have a referendum on the final deal with the option of an Exit from Brexit

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