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Yesterday’s Local Elections – Reflections

by Ian Shires on 4 May, 2018

As Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Walsall I’d like to say a big thank you to all those of you who went out and cast your votes for us, it really is much appreciated. 

Unfortunately we did not make the progress we’d have liked, but we didn’t lose any seats and that’s always a plus point. the big losers on the night were UKIP who thankfully have been well and truly wiped out. having said that we suspect that their vote has migrated to the Tories who now hold half of the 60 seats on the Council Labour having lost 2.

Have to say I am disappointed that hard work and all year round effort by us couldn’t stop national events from influencing the way some voted in what is supposed to be about local service and action. Theresa May’s Conservative and UDP Party has shifted so far to the right in its bid to oust UKIP it’s little wonder that the residue of its vote migrated to the Tories.

Having said all that when you look at the low turn outs it becomes pretty obvious that the ‘None of the above’ romped home. Only 27% of eligible voters actually exercised their right to vote. In Willenhall North 9482 people could have voted. As it turned out just 2555 bothered. In Short Heath the picture was much the same. Of the 8829 registered voters just 2390 bothered.

To those of you that went out to vote yesterday, thank you for taking the trouble, no matter which political party you voted for. To the 73% who decided there was something more important to do I’d be really interested to know what we need to do to get you to spend just a few minutes of your time to exercise your right to vote even if all you do in the end all you do is spoil your ballot paper.

I look forward to hearing from you.



2 Responses

  1. Peter blount says:

    People are fed up of hearing what each says they will do in the area but it never gets done. A walk around the area soon shows you that, overgrown grass everywhere rubbishy blowing all around the square, bins overflowing with rubbish kids on motorbikes thrashing around the streets without helmets or even lights. The list is endless and the cost of living here just keeps on rising, and you ask why people haven’t turned out, well there fed up Ian because nothing ever gets done despite the promises, i actually did turn out but it felt more like a chore than a duty to be honest……

    • Ian Shires says:

      Thanks for the feedback Peter, much appreciated and also thanks for turning out to vote.
      Have to say that I learned a long time ago not to make promises other than I will always try my best for our area. What you have said is food for thought, thanks.

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