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A week in the life of

by Ian Shires on 29 June, 2018

It’s been another busy week for me as your Councillor here in Willenhall North. It began as usual with my weekly mission of delivering our FOCUS newsletters with the team.

This is something I never get tired of. It gives me time to think about the coming week and what that might have in store for me. I also get to see first hand many of the issues which trouble us all as local residents. But best of all, particularly when the weather is as good as it’s been lately, I get to meet many of you on your home turf so to speak.

This week the subjects of our conversations have been many and varied ranging from the weather, car theft and break-ins, antisocial behaviour including inconsiderate playing of loud music preventing others from enjoying their gardens in this glorious weather, through to concerns about just how complicated Brexit is turning out to be and just when are ALDI going to open their new store on Coppice Farm?

Monday saw me dealing with casework which more and more nowadays centers around the hardship being experienced by many just trying to make ends meet as the Government’s relentless austerity measures continue to force prices of everyday necessities of life. I also had a debriefing session with officers following last Thursday’s Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee which I Chair.

Tuesday was spent reading up House of Commons Reports on Private Rented Sector and Improving Air Quality both of which had been raised at last Thursday’s Scrutiny and are to be looked at in some depth in the coming weeks. the day was rounded off with my monthly one to one meeting with Walsall Council’s Chief Executive Dr Helen Patterson.

Wednesday saw a continuation of Tuesdays work researching air quality which affects many of us living here in Willenhall North due to us living in the shadow of the M6

Thursday and an issue which has prompted a number of residents to take to local social media. To cut a long story short it’s been an utter nightmare. I’ve asked for an investigation in order that the same chaotic circumstances don’t occur again. still on Thursday I read up on reports for the Social Care and Health Scrutiny meeting that evening.

It’s Friday already so where did that week go? Today catching up on casework and issues through social media ahead of my Councillor’s Surgery this evening. Tomorrow? Out delivering FOCUS again


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