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Blue light bill bombshell as emergency services face £144m fuel and insurance costs

by Ian Shires on 30 March, 2024

Give emergency services discount on £150m fuel and insurance bill, say Lib  Dems

Emergency services are set to pay an “eye-watering” £24.6 million more in fuel and insurance costs compared to costs five years ago.

Over the past five years, emergency services have paid a combined £549 million in these costs.

Liberal Democrats warn that victims and patients are “paying the price” due to a lack of support from the Conservative Government.

Emergency services are predicted to pay almost £150 million this year in fuel and insurance costs – an increase of over £24 million in just five years, a Liberal Democrat FOI has revealed.

Data provided to the Liberal Democrats by ambulance, police and fire services paints a worrying picture about spiralling costs.

This year, emergency services are predicted to pay £144 million in fuel and insurance costs. This is a £24.6 million, or 21%, increase in costs from 2019.

Over the past five years, ambulance services have paid £229 million in fuel and insurance whilst police services have paid £132 million and the fire services have paid £188 million.

The Liberal Democrats are calling on emergency service vehicles to be given discounted rates on fuel paid for from the windfall tax revenues on the oil and gas giants.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Alistair Carmichael MP said:Alastair Carmichael | The Shetland Times Ltd

Our emergency services are facing a blue light bill bombshell. They are already at breaking point, and thanks to this Conservative Government’s economic mismanagement, they are being saddled with eye-watering bills on top of it.

Our emergency services are not being properly supported, and it is victims of crime, patients and others in need that are paying the price.

The Government must help reduce soaring bills for emergency service, paid for by a proper windfall tax on profiteering oil and gas giants.

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