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Keeping your home safe

by Ian Shires on 2 May, 2024

I received the following today from Walsall Police, thought I’d share it with you…

As you look forward to some warmer weather and lighter nights, let’s not forget about keeping your homes safe.

There are simple steps that you can take to make your home safer.  Burglars look for homes that appear to be empty or have easy access to the back of the building.

They can also choose homes where there are no visible signs of protection such as alarms or security lighting, and where trees and high bushes provide good cover. in addition, something as simple as locking doors and shutting windows in unoccupied rooms can make a big difference.

You can visit our virtual reality house to place yourself in the burglar’s mind-set and look at your home to see if there are areas where the security could be improved.

You can also download our Home Security Survey. You can use this simple guide to identify weaknesses in your own home security and do something about it by following the advice.


Walsall Police

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